A Liturgy for Those Who Are Overwhelmed

Oh Lord,

I long so deeply for days filled with meaning,
with compassionate conversations,
kind words,
slow sips of coffee,
and a moment to sit alone in silence.

But I come to you today as I so often do—

Overwhelmed by a to-do list that grows instead of shrinks,
by those who need me deeply,
by financial concerns and work woes,
by the sheer busyness of this one holy, precious life;
I come overwhelmed by how overwhelmed I feel.

And so, I ask You:
Calm these storms, within and outside.
And, if the calming of the storms is not possible,
board the boat with me.

May your presence be near to me today.
May I know your peace.
May I seek and find moments of joy in the chaos.
May I recognize where my gifts would be best utilized,
and be willing to let enough be enough in the places where they would not be.

Oh, that this day would more reflect the human side of You:
The God who, while here on this Earth,
prayed in solitude,
went away,
and somehow found balance between serving needs and cultivating a relationship with the Father.

May this one, holy, precious life
be paced and purposeful
and may You teach me how to make it so.

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