A Liturgy for This Election Week

Lord, we are tired. We are tired of waiting. We are tired of hearing.We are tired of seeing. In our tiredness, we feel the same temptations grow. The temptation to not temper our words. The temptation to cling to passions instead of truth.The temptation to trust horses and chariots instead of You. So Lord, guideContinue reading “A Liturgy for This Election Week”

A Liturgy for Those Whose Hopes Have Been Dashed

“We had hoped…”  Oh Lord, I wish it were so,that I didn’t have to live between the Kingdom to come and this one,that I didn’t have to know the burn of hoping for something goodand not having that hope realized.  That I didn’t have to catch cries in my throat.That I didn’t have to grieveContinue reading “A Liturgy for Those Whose Hopes Have Been Dashed”

A Fall Liturgy

Lord of Creation,of color-changing trees, crisp air,warm apple pie,and the breeze that brushes my face, You have designed this world miraculously.You have designed this world to spin in such a waythat I get to experience seasons:the sweaty, sticky summers,the blustery, cold winters,the sweet, blooming spring,and this crisp, cooling season – fall. This season reflects so muchContinue reading “A Fall Liturgy”

Private Vote, Public Witness

My friends are walking away from faith. Whew. That’s hard. Hard to see, hard to talk about, hard to write. Overwhelmingly, the conversation about their exile from Christianity is centered not around a disillusionment with Jesus, but around His followers; not around His words, but around ours; not around His laws, but around the rulesContinue reading “Private Vote, Public Witness”

A Liturgy for Those Who Are Overwhelmed

Oh Lord, I long so deeply for days filled with meaning,with compassionate conversations, kind words, slow sips of coffee,and a moment to sit alone in silence. But I come to you today as I so often do—overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by a to-do list that grows instead of shrinks, by those who need me deeply, by financialContinue reading “A Liturgy for Those Who Are Overwhelmed”

An Election Day Liturgy

Oh Lord, long ago the Israelites cried “Give us a king!”And since then, we have learned the dangers and blessings of being ruled by another.We grieve a history that speaks to power gone awry;we lament the history of broken lineages,of slavery, segregation, riots, and retribution. We weep over despots who brought the desecration of YourContinue reading “An Election Day Liturgy”

The Local Church Still Matters

As a millennial who works for a church, it’s not uncommon for 90% of my conversations with people I’ve just met to be an explanation of their feelings towards the local church. In fact, I joked the other day that a lot of my dates end up with me giving church recommendations (oops). For some,Continue reading “The Local Church Still Matters”

Five Things Friday

Welcome to Five Things Friday: Relationship Book Edition! This past week, I posted an Instagram photo in my hammie at Bethel, reading a book on marriage. A ton of people asked about the book, so I figured that interest – in tandem with Wednesday’s post on singleness – might warrant a special edition of FiveContinue reading “Five Things Friday”