A Liturgy for This Election Week

Lord, we are tired.

We are tired of waiting.
We are tired of hearing.
We are tired of seeing.

In our tiredness, we feel the same temptations grow.

The temptation to not temper our words.
The temptation to cling to passions instead of truth.
The temptation to trust horses and chariots instead of You.

So Lord, guide us.

When we hear misinformation,
help us tell the truth.

When we feel fear,
give us Your peaceful presence.

When we lose hope,
renew our spirits.

When we don’t know what to pray,
pray for us.

When we grieve,
remind us of Your Kingdom coming.

When we celebrate,
let us see the work still yet to be done.

In this moment, in this week, in this waiting period,
be with us, within us, and seen through us.

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