A Liturgy for Those Who Are Learning

Oh, Lord,
how dangerous,
how wonderful,
how scandalous is it
that I know more today
than I did yesterday,
and still yet, I know so little.

I am occasionally distraught
of the things I did not know,
of the carelessness of my past words and actions,
of my self-assurance of my own knowledge.

Lord, remind me:
You know all things,
I do not.
And yet! It pleases You
to continually share Your knowledge.

Give me grace to learn,
space to grow,
patience with myself,
patience with others.

Keep me from self-righteousness
and therefore from stunting my own growth
by believing I am further along than I am.

Keep me from despair
and therefore from stopping my own growth
by believing I cannot learn what I do not yet know.

Lord God,
may my knowledge and growth
not puff up,
but lead to humility.

May my growth
only serve to better Your world,
deepen my appreciation for all that you’ve made,
and lead me into relationship with those made in Your image.

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