Corporate Prayer for Ukraine

Lord, you told us not to be troubled when we hear of war and rumors of war.
And yet, we are human:
frail, scared, and helpless.
Oh, Lord, how can we not be troubled
for the state of the world?
For our brothers and sisters in Ukraine?
For the loss of life?
For the loss of culture and community?
For the fear that grips those made in Your image?

Lord, meet us in our fear.

Meet us and remind us
that you are still God – really, truly still God,
that you see this,
that you are near to the brokenhearted,
that war is not your providence.

Lord, be our peace.

We lift up to you our brothers and sisters.
We lift up those old and young,
those who flee and those who stay,
those who fight and those who fall asleep worried.
We lift up the children, whose bodies absorb trauma they can’t name.
We lift up the refugees, who pray for peace as they seek safety.
We lift up those who are encountering devastating loss.
We lift up those who are fighting to preserve life.
We lift up caretakers, who are doing what they can to heal wounds – wounds of body, mind, and spirit.

Lord, be near.

We lift up the world leaders,
and we ask that you would give them wisdom,
and courage
to do what is right instead of what is easy.
Lord, break the will of those who desire destruction and death,
bind their rage,
let Your peace and Your justice reign.

Lord, speak and move.

We lift up your Church,
globally and locally.
There is so little we can do,
but You can do so much.
Help us to press into our helplessness
as a sign that we are ever more in need of a God
who is big enough.
Show us what we can do.
Keep our brothers and sisters,
and the state of the world,
at the forefront of our hearts, our hands, and our heads.

Lord, be with all who are made in Your image.
Bind their wounds,
show them Your way,
give them wisdom to trust

and courage to live
in the way of the Prince of Peace.

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